Film Printing

Bell & Howell Contact Printer with Schmitzer Liquid Gate

Preservation and answer printing. Originally a B&H Model C preinter with a Schmitzer ugrade. Slow speed wetgate printing for the highest quality in contact printing.

  • 16mm & 35mm versions
  • Full-emersion wetgate perchloroethylene contact printing
  • For archival materials (typical run speed 60 feet per minute).

BHP Modular Contact Printer

Colorlab's panel printers are used for dry release printing, loop printing, and special projects.

  • 35mm 200 feet per minute 
  • Michelson Lights Valves
  • Sound Printing Capabilities:  Analog Optical Dolby Digital SDDS DTS

Bell & Howell Model "C" Printer

We run our C-printer at 240 feet per minute, allowing us to quickly turn around 16mm color and B&W workprints.

  • 16mm
  • 180 FPM
  • Standard  Dry Workprint printer

Optical Printers

A labor-intensive photochemical process for printing compromised film.  We have two optical printers which are utilized for special projects.

  • Frame by frame blowups
  • Optical reproduction of damaged films​