Film Picture and Sound Recording

Film Recording - 16mm & 35mm

Using our custom setup, we record from video files to 16mm and 35mm color and B&W intermediate negative film stocks.  

  • 5K source monitor
  • Calibrated processing for accurate and consistent color representation

Optical Soundtrack Recording - 16mm & 35mm

35mm and 16mm optical sound recording. 

  • 16mm and 35mm Nuoptix recording electronics​
  • 35mm Dolby Stereo
  • Recorded and processed in-house on calibrated machinery

Fullcoat Mag Recording - 16mm & 35mm

Magnatec Sound reproducer. Digitization of fullcoat magnetic film at upto 96Khz 48bit. 

  • 35MM 4 track, 3 track, 2 track, and mono digitization and recording
  • 16mm Center or edge track digitization and recording