Videotape Digitization

Analog Videotape

Analog tape formats are played back through professional machines that are cleaned and maintained regularly. Appropriate TBCs accompany each machine facilitating the best possible representation of the analog signal. That signal is then digitized at a minimum of 10bit YUV 4:2:2 and is routed to the appropriate capture device as an uncompressed digital signal. Analog tape digitization required experienced operaters who can recognize the specific issues of each tape format.

Formats Include

  • 2" Quadraplex Video
  • 1" Type C
  • 3/4" Umatic
  • Betacam / BetacamSP
  • Hi8
  • VHS

Digital Videotape

Digital videotape formats are ingested into the computer using the native digital format ouput of the player. For most this is 10bit SD-SDI or 10bit HD-SDI. All signials are uncompressed and kept in their native color space throughout the process. Only upon file formatting are colorspace or bit depth ever changed. Sound is carried through digitally at its native depth and sampling rate.

Formats Include

  • Digital Betacam
  • DVCPro & DVCPro 50
  • D-3
  • D-2
  • Sony IMX
  • Beta SX
  • Digital 8
  • DV
  • DVCam
  • HDV